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LANGUAGE LIVE! A COMPREHENSIVE LITERACY CURRICULUM Price: student pricing starting at $67; see Web site for teacher, bundle, and multi-year pricing.

Products available: Level One - Foundational skills missed; Level Two - Skills needed to move to grade level.

Quality and Effectiveness: Good News! This program is what every adolescent with reading deficits and their teachers have been waiting for. Many schools have adolescent students who are struggling readers, missing vital skills. This software provides a high-quality, research-based program that is specifically targeted to the adolescent population reading two or more years below grade level. Focused on middle school and high school students (grades 5-12) with reading-skill deficits who need a program that is presented at their age levels, the videos and interactive lessons are presented by students of their age group and with self-guided online word training.

There are multiple entry points to meet students where they are with both foundational and literacy skills to quickly move them to grade level. The program also focuses on keeping them there when they do make it to grade level. It effectively combines word training online with teacher-led text training and uses standard Lexile scoring in assessments.

Ease of Use: Both students and teachers have dashboards to organize and track their progress. Teachers can see each student’s time on task, items completed, and class targets. There is also a robust integrated assessment system that keeps teachers advised of student progress in the program. Teachers can also find all program tools and resources (both online and print) at their fingertips. On their dashboards, students find all of their assignments, class pages, and their own avatar that they can embellish as they earn points.

Creative Use of Technology: This program is an excellent use of online word training that is available at each student’s level. There are interactive lessons, certificates, and avatars as ongoing incentives, as well as the ability to do online recording. There is even a class page that incorporates social media traits like online feedback, newsfeeds, and weekly point totals. Student data is available for teachers to have instant information on their students. An interactive library complete with online texts includes video and audio enhancements.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: This program is easily integrated into any classroom and backed up with data that is efficiently reported online. It also addresses skills in vocabulary, grammar, listening, and writing for a complete package. Teachers work with students on text lessons after they use the online resources for word work so that technology training and teacher interaction is combined. Additionally, PD for teachers and ongoing support is always available.


Outstanding. This program starts students where they are. It allows students to work on their own but also lets them work with teachers on such topics as rereading and close activities supported by print materials and ebooks.


• Geared toward adolescent students reading two or more years below grade level.

• Teachers receive strong guidance from ongoing assessments for each student.

• Customized online work for students with the ability to record their own voices, access videos, and engage in grade level-appropriate interactive lessons.