Math Fact Cafe

Name:Math Fact Cafe

Brief Description of the Site:
Math Fact Café has pre-generated math fact sheets for grades 1-4 and offers an easy way to create and modify math fact practice sheets online. New sections at Math Café offer self-correcting online flashcards, and another section has fractions. Math Fact Café also has a simple newsletter and even a way for teachers to be informed of new features.

How to use the site:
If you teach grades 1-4, this is an easy way to generate great math fact practice pages for students. You can start with pre-generated math practice pages and then graduate to creating your own. The directions are easy to follow and the pages can be modified to fit the student or the class. Teachers choose the math fact needed (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.), control the number of problems, their range, size, and difficulty. Math Café generates the page, which you can print and copy for class use so your students can practice essential math facts.

Submitted by:
Ken Royal