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MelaNet: Kwanzaa Information Center

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Kwanzaa is a relatively new celebration lasting from December 26 through January 1. This African-American holiday celebrating culture focuses on Nguzo Sabo, or the seven principles. Use this website to learn the history behind Kwanzaa as well as the symbols that are part of the celebration. The seven principles emphasize social and spiritual ideals. You can find the Swahili terms for each principle and read a description of what they mean. This is a family and community festivity that strives to strengthen cultural ties.

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Fireworks Information Center

A list of safety tips give you common sense safeguards and some that might not be so obvious, such as not buying fireworks that are packaged in brown paper.

Informal Fallacies

Informal Fallacies This website provides links to numerous "informal fallacies" (i.e. logical fallacies). Each term listed is linked to examples of the designated fallacy. For example, the author includes Fallacies of Relevance like Ad Hominem and Appeal to Tradition. Teachers will also

DNA Discovery Center

This fascinating exhibit answers many frequently asked questions about DNA and includes interactive activities. From the What, Where, How, and Why of DNA to information on current research in the field, users can get a clear understanding of the basics

Creekview Media Center

Name: Creekview Media Center Brief Description of the Site: The school media center Home page for Creekview High School in Carrollton, Texas is used throughout the school and in the community as a gateway for Internet research. Whether students are in the library, classrooms, one of the computer labs, or at home,

Migration Information Source

Migration Information Source This site's authors provide a catalogue of the migration experience that looks at the diverse flows of immigrants around the world. Visitors can click on the profiles of individual countries to access brief summaries of vital data, immigration policies, history, and political

LATCH: Organizing Information

LATCH: Organizing Information This site provides a great interactive video about LATCH, a mnemonic for organizing information using Location, Alphabetical order, Time, Categories, and Hierarchy. It explains each of the 5 aspects and provides examples. Note that it is very text-orientated,

Kofi Annan, Center of the Storm

Kofi Annan, Center of the Storm The companion piece to the PBS documentary on Kofi Annan, this site is also an excellent source of on-line information about the Secretary General of the United Nations and about the U.N. itself. Find a Life Map of Annan, information on his quest for peace, and

Genetic Science Learning Center

Practice the steps of cloning in this interactive animation. The breeds, various types of tools, and specific procedures are outlined in this colorful site. You'll answer a few questions at the end to show what you've learned. courtesy of netTrekker