Mr. Stafford's Life Science Website

Name:Mr. Stafford's Life Science Website

Brief Description of the Site:
Mark Stafford teaches Life Science at Chehalis Middle School, located in Chehalis, WA. He has created this site for his grade 8 students and their parents. The Student area includes assignment schedules, daily reviews, grades, writing assignments, and links to Web-based activities. Parents are provided suggestions for helping students succeed in class and access to grades and assignments.

How to use the site:
Stafford has 15 wireless laptop computers in his classroom and uses the site as a teaching tool. He links students to websites relevant to the subjects they are studying and provides links for research projects. Students collect data from the Web and then use Excel to create graphs that they analyze and present in PowerPoint reports. The Science Games and Links area, accessed from the Student Page features sites all Life Science teachers and students will find useful. In addition to such classics as Funbrain and Factmonster, there are links to Web-based activites such as Science Games from the BBC and Eat or Be Eaten!

Submitted by: Mark Stafford