National Geographic Education Guide

Name:National Geographic Education Guide

Brief Description of the Site:
The National Geographic Education Guide is a wide-ranging resource for any educator who teaches some aspect of social studies, geography or science. The site has a well-designed search interface that enables teachers to located resources by subject area, resource type or grade. The site contains sections on maps and geography, online adventures, lesson plans, a teacher community, and a teacher store.

How to use the site:
Start your trip to the site by examining the "Educator Favorites" such as "Printable Maps," MapsMachine, and "GeoSpy" found in the left border of the Web page. Be sure to explore the online adventures area of the site to locate one of the exceptionally well-done interactive exercises like Intersection, that explores the events of the Kennedy assassination at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Obtain maps for classroom use from the "Maps & Geography" section of the site; be sure to try the interactive Map Machine. Finish your trip to the site by looking for lesson plans, grants, or signing up for one of the free newsletters in the "Teacher Community" section of the site.

Submitted by:
David Jakes