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NewsHour Extra: Watching the Clock

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Sometimes public broadcasting becomes a whipping post for those who think limiting it will save money. This great lesson plan helps students understand how and why public broadcasting, whether PBS or NPR, is able to offer much more in-depth reporting that is important to coverage of national and local events. Students examine the time constraints on commercial media, both national and local, and how it limits the depth of reporting. Several activities are suggested. This lesson supports the national standards for both viewing strategies for media, and the understanding of the production elements involved in specific media.

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Watch It!

It was the story you couldn’t avoid, covered everywhere from blogs to newspapers to morning news programs.

Monarch Watch

Name: Monarch Watch Brief Description of the Site: Besides being exquisitely beautiful, butterflies (especially the Monarch variety) present a wealth of teaching opportunities, as this site sponsored by the University of Kansas shows. The home page offers a wealth of clickable links to content-rich segments to

Science NetLinks: Sky Watching

This great lesson plan from the American Association for the Advancement of Science leads students to observing the night sky with the naked eye, then with binoculars, and ultimately with the telescope.

Wetland Watch

Wetland Watch A major feature of this site is the remarkable WebCam view offering an exact shot of the wetlands of the backyard of the Ontario Science Centre. A unique feature is the playback feature allowing users to screen through views from the previous few months. The site also offers lots of

Watch It!

It was the story you couldn’t avoid, covered everywhere from blogs to newspapers to morning news programs.

National Watch and Clock Museum

National Watch and Clock Museum You will probably go 'cuckoo' over this fascinating site, which offers an interactive virtual tour of The National Watch and Clock Museum. Click and explore through an amazing variety of galleries exploring early time-keeping devices, wristwatches, tower clocks,

Seafood Watch: Fishy Issues

Seafood Watch: Fishy Issues Besides asking the wait person if your fish is fresh or frozen, you might want to also ask if it's part of an endangered species. Unfortunately, we humans' taste for seafood is having an increasingly negative environmental impact, from over-fishing to habitat damage.

World Monuments Watch

 Every two years the World Monuments Fund calls attention to 100 sites around the world in danger of being irreparably damaged by over development, lack of maintenance, unrestrained tourism, war, general neglect, or some other threat. Learn about the reasons

Watch your math offers thousands of video demonstrations in which students and a teacher share step by step solutions to a wide range of math problems. Appropriate for students honing their general math skills, as well as those participating in algebra, geometry,