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On Plagiarism

Use the information and tools on this site to learn how plagiarism has changed with the availability of the internet. The site provides insights into how teachers can modify both teaching and learning to minimize the likelihood of student plagiarism. It also offers a tool that will help teachers identify specific instances of plagiarism in student writing. Finally, a selection of sample Acceptable Use Policies and other resources give teachers further help in curbing student plagiarism.

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Fair use or plagiarism?

This site helps students and teachers better understand how to determine the "fairness" of a use under the U.S. Copyright Code. Areas explored include definition of fair use, history, guidelines, the four factors and more. Also provides a time stamped

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On-Line Writing Lab: Grammar

On-Line Writing Lab: Grammar The authors of this site take a traditional approach to the study of grammar, especially the eight parts of speech. They do caution that this approach is not the most effective and urge students to take an interactive writing course. However, their content is excellent for

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