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Physics for kids ages 7-11

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This site, from Channel 4 Learning, covers a wide range of topics in physics and explains them in a way that younger students can readily understand. Study electricity, sound, light, friction, and magnets. Each section includes the essential idea accompanied by an illustration. There are also experiments for home or school, vocabulary, a quiz, worksheets for teachers, and an image bank to further illustrate each concept. The directions for the activities are easy to follow and use common, inexpensive things. Visit

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Physics Simulations

Physics Simulations These interactive simulations provide an excellent framework for understanding various different physics topics, including motion, heat, sound, light, electricity, energy, and quantum phenomena. They're part of the Physics Education Technology project at the University of Colorado.

Fear of Physics

Fear of Physics Your objective is to launch your satellite with the correct speed and to the correct height to achieve orbit. Too slow or too low and you crash! If you go too fast or high, you may lose your satellite into space! This interactive animation is easy to understand and use. Fear of

Amusement Park Physics

 Learn about the history of roller coasters as well as how the laws of physics affect amusement park rides. Site allows users to build their own roller coaster and try it out.  

Ages of English Timeline

Ages of English Timeline This interactive timeline breaks the history of the English language into ten periods. For each period, you can learn some history, hear a segment of the language spoken as it would have sounded at the time, learn how the language was changing at the time, see some words

Teaching Physics Blog

HippoCampus provides a blog for physics teachers to discuss ideas for instructing students in both traditional high school and AP physics. Authored by Tom Anderson, an online instructor for Illinois Virtual High School and University of Illinois, it offers personal