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Plane and Simple Math

 These interactive games help students review concepts from pre algebra and algebra. Includes games for math vocabulary and terms practice.courtesy of netTrekker
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 These interactive games help students review concepts from pre-algebra and algebra. Includes games for math vocabulary and terms practice.

courtesy of netTrekker



Absurd Math

Name: Absurd Math Brief Description of the Site: A fun game series for kids learning pre-algebra. Each game is a simulation that includes objectives, rules, and tools that might accompany the game (such as a calculator provided online). A problem is stated to solve, and then the player assumes an identity to

Math Playground

This website contains a collection of games, word problems, logic puzzles, and math videos that will review elementary and middle school concepts.

Dan's Math at Home: Basic Skills

Dan's Math at Home: Basic Skills Teachers looking for a short review of the basic skills needed for arithmetic, pre-algebra, and beginning algebra will find this site helpful. Dan Bach, who teaches mathematics at Diablo Valley College in California, provides brief, straightforward examples and

Rainforest Math

Rainforest Math Find an excellent index of interactive practice games for sixth grade mathematics. Game topics covered are: number sense/operations, algebra/patterns, measurement, geometry/space, chance, data, and money. Jenny Heather • Learning Games • Pictures and/or

Math Glossary

Math Glossary Define "Digit." Explain "Exponent." Can't? Then access this mathematical glossaries from math publisher Bagatrix, Inc. Glossaries cover basic mathematics, pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, college algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus. Bagatrix, Inc.

Math Millionaire

Here’s a fast-paced math review game that showers you with money, albeit fake, when you’ve answered fifteen questions.

Math slice(2)

More than three dozen math games, exercises and tools help students sharpen their math skills in engaging, interactive exercises. There are also a few literacy games available from this page. courtesy of netTrekker

EMR: Exercises in Math Readiness

EMR: Exercises in Math Readiness The University of Saskatchewan offers an excellent site for the review of mathematical concepts that students need to enter university level math courses. Topics include mental arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic

Math Slice

Math Slice Can you convert Arabic to Roman Numerals? Can you estimate in tens and/or hundreds? Can you find Nemo? These are just a few of the colorful-and-cool math-oriented interactive games available at this fun site. • Learning Games • Pictures