Polymer Science Learning Center

Name:Polymer Science Learning Center

Brief Description of the Site:
The Polymer Science Learning Center has created some unique ways to share what polymers are, where they are found, and the kinds that exist. The site was picked as one of the top 50 science education sites by "Scientific American"

How to use the site:
You and your chemistry students will find out that polymers are a lot more than just something associated with paint. Polymer activities and tours teach students their importance. Students will learn about polymers in nature and read about polymers from organisms in Polymers of the Sea. Sections on How Polymers Work, Games and Contests, Expeditions, Macrolab, Acitivities and Demonstrations make polymers fun to learn about. Chemistry students will enjoy the polymer representations in the Macrogalleria, watch movies in Macroplex, and visit a polymer focus virtual city in Polydelphia.

Submitted by:
Lon J. Mathias