Project Atmosphere Australia Online

Name:Project Atmosphere Australia Online

Brief Description of the Site:
Project Atmosphere Australia Online is a teacher-developed, online project for school communities in Australia and around the world. It is based around a collaborative Web site and six email discussion lists. The e-mail lists support the communication of teachers, students, academics and meteorologists from different parts of the world.

How to use the site:
Teachers can use Project Atmosphere Australia to teach weather information and give students interesting activities such as taking virtual tours and looking at special places and events. You can communicate, publish, and share resources globally. Students learn about the weather and the way it shapes life styles, so they gain a greater understanding of other cultures and the way people live. Six Email lists divide the traffic flow into interest groups. One list is for educators, parents and specialists in weather. The others are for students to communicate and share their learning. One list hosts meteorologists and academics from around the world who answer children's questions. Teachers have "meetings on the net" and make use of the advanced technology at the Weather Bureau for teaching about weather.

Submitted by:
Ken Royal