Projecting Savings and Social Responsibility in the Classrooms

Projecting Savings and Social Responsibility in the Classrooms

Today, educators are confronted with many obstacles, including budget cuts, limited resources, green initiatives, and the elimination of educational programs. While everyone understands the importance of technology in the classroom, this is unfortunately one of the first areas to suffer cuts in overall funding. A growing number of schools are experiencing the long term benefits of LampFree® projectors, both in their budgets and in their classrooms. School districts are under continued pressure to spend their budgets as efficiently as possible, to deliver stronger long-term results with fewer costs. By eliminating the most expensive part of owning a projector—the lamp replacement and accompanying filter—LampFree projectors allow users to save hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the projector, giving schools a more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and easy-to-use product with top-quality imaging.

Manufacturers like Casio are determined to make products that provide educators with a variety of educational technology options for the classroom that are not only engaging but also cost-effective, portable and easy-to-use. Casio’s LampFree® projectors use a unique Laser & LED technology to produce images of impressive brightness with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. That means a projector could last over 15 years, based on six hours of use a day during a 180-day school year. For a school with projectors in every classroom, that’s a significant savings.

To meet the growing demand in the education channel for environmentally friendly and more sustainable AV products, Casio turned to the TCO Certified sustainability certification as proof of environmental and social responsibility. Not only do LampFree projectors eliminate the need to replace Mercury lamps and to properly dispose of the harmful substance, but Casio now has four LampFree projectors, models XJ-V100W, XJ-V110W, XJ-F100W, and XJ-F210WN, that meet all TCO Certified life cycle criteria for socially responsible manufacturing, energy efficiency, picture quality and lower environmental impact.

Electronics are widely recognized as a risk category for human rights violations during their manufacture, which is almost impossible for Educators and IT managers to assess themselves. Long used by IT purchasers for computer equipment, TCO Certified is now a useful tool for schools to verify that the projectors they buy are manufactured under fair conditions. By specifying TCO Certified in purchasing contracts, they can also directly influence the industry to improve their social and environmental responsibility track records. (See Casio TCO Certified Models PDF)

LampFree projectors are easy to use, have a dust resistant design that eliminates frequent filter changes in dusty classrooms and use up to 50% less electricity than typical Mercury lamp projectors. They also have great time saving features, such as a quick turn on time of 5 to 8 seconds to full brightness, instant off with no cool down time needed, and automatic brightness control that senses the ambient light in the room and automatically adjusts the brightness level. Casio has a wide portfolio of LampFree solutions including, Advanced, Core, Slim, and Ultra Short Throw projectors that are all backed by a three-year parts-and-labor warranty plus a five-year or 10,000-hour warranty on the light source.

So, what does this mean for schools looking to update systems, economize, and be environmentally conscious? It means a wide assortment of LampFree compact, cost-effective, eco-friendly projectors. It means equipping teachers with technology that can expand their instructional reach. It means reduced maintenance worries and related ownership costs over the life of the projector. And it means a little more peace of mind for the school’s technology director.

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