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Remembering the Great Hurricane, September 8, 1900

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After a summer of soaring temperatures and drought across the country, read about another challenge of Mother Nature—the severe and deadly hurricane of 1900 that hit Galveston, Texas, on September 8th. The City of Galveston 1900 Storm Committee provides an extensive look at the devastation brought about by the howling winds, driving rain, and 15-foot storm surge. You’ll find first-person accounts of the storm, photographs documenting the wreckage of a large city, and the story of how Clara Barton and the Red Cross helped the city rebuild. Of particular interest is the link to a site which tracks the storm across the Atlantic Ocean, into the Gulf of Mexico, landfall at Galveston, and then its course across the Midwest to the East Coast. The damage caused by Hurricane Katrina was certainly immense, but this hurricane of 1900 has been called the nation’s greatest natural disaster.

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