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Savage Earth Animations

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Use this site from the PBS program Savage Earth to show your students what movements of the earth look like. Watch animations of a volcano erupting, a tsunami’s destructive abilities, an earthquake’s ripple effect, and the geological processes caused by the hot inner core of the earth. Each animation is accompanied by clear explanations of what is happening.

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Dynamic Earth Interactives

Dynamic Earth Interactives A popular television sit-com once referred to Earth as "Third Rock From the Sun," but this site's homepage warns us that our Earth is not exactly rock solid, and invites users to explore the earth's inner structure, plate tectonics, plates and boundaries, and geologic

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Animal Riddles "I have wings but I'm not a bird." "I can breathe through a hole in the top of my head." This colorful site provides Who-am-I riddles, the type that have young learners using clues to figure out what kind of animal is being described. Simple language and bright illustrations make this a

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Earth Guide Of what is the Earth made? What happens to the sunlight that strikes Earth? What are the different land areas on Earth? This interesting site answers these and many more questions in slide show fashion. It is very content-rich, but requires a strong reading level, so some teachers may

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Animal Cams From Washington, D.C.'s excellent National Zoo (part of the Smithsonian) comes this site offering 20 live animal cams, including cams of the Amazon River Fish, Black-footed Ferret, the Cheetah, the Elephant, the Flamingo, the Naked Mole-Rat, the Octopus, and more. In addition to the

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Breathing Earth This fascinating flash site attempts to portray the birth rate, death rate, and amount of Carbon Dioxide produced by every country on the planet. "Mousing over" a particular country brings up that country's name and its data. One fun use of the site would be to play Geography,

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Observing the Earth Access high quality images of the Earth's geographic features from this site created by the European Space Agency. Search images by location or by satellite. There is a thorough description of each location. European Space Agency • Pictures and/or Illustrations

Charles Dickens Animation

Fantastic short animation feature about the life of Charles Dickens. The commentary is factual, but the animation is entertaining and brightens the presentation considerably. Use the Scene Selector to click on "hot spots" in the film to learn more, and