Selfaccess: An English Language Learning Center

Name:Selfaccess: An English Language Learning Center

Brief Description of the Site:
The site is divided into 2 main sections or libraries. The first is the General English "Instant Workbook" that provides multiple levels of practice material for those learning English. There are 141 lessons in this section, and each one provides a title, the topic, lists the skills to be acquired, and the level of the work. While there are sections of this site that are free, there are areas requiring "full access membership" (meaning paid subscriptions). A trial "Guest" membership is available to peruse the site more fully. The Academic section or library of this site offers 113 lessons by skill and topic in preparation for specific English proficiency exams such as TOEFL or IELTS. There are also many listening, reading, grammar and writing exercises as well as model essays for students to use.

How to use the site:
There are about 300 comprehensive lessons with more added each week. This is a commercial site but there is the opportunity to visit as a guest and explore. The site offers officially a free week's trial once a user has registered with an account. One of the more valuable (and FREE) sections is the "Resources" link that takes one to where are many more sample exercises and resources for the English Language Learner. "Engish-to-Go" is also a site owned by "Selfaccess" offering even more tools and links for those wishing to learn English. While hoping to attract subscribers, the site does have a wealth of useful information and activities worth a look for the free week's trial. The site also serves as a resource with new articles appearing weekly on current issues. While geared to teachers of the English language, those working towards proficiency can benefit from reading the articles.

Submitted by:
Richard Cleland
Wellington, New Zealand