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Use this website to find out what self-esteem is, what is healthy, and what kids can do to improve self-esteem.
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Use this website to find out what self-esteem is, what is healthy, and what kids can do to improve self-esteem. Whether low or high, self-esteem may stem from childhood experiences. Having low self-esteem can have consequences, so included on this site are three steps that can lead to a healthier outlook.

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BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF What would you look like with the legs of an elephant and the arms of a tiger? This engaging site lets you see how you might look if you suddenly took on the characteristics of an animal or insect. Build your new body and then learn about the usefulness of each individual

Study Skills Self-help Information

Study Skills Self-help Information You will find yourself asking, "Why didn't I know all this stuff before I started high school?" The site, from Virginia Tech's Cook Counseling Center, offers excellent advice on topics such as note-taking, editing lecture notes, the SQ3R method, and much more. Have

Dipping Self Assessment Scores

Staff members completed a self-assessment of their technology skills before beginning a series of workshops. Midway through the workshops the same assessment was taken again and the scores were lower. How can this be? It’s not uncommon for people to be overly optimistic about their technology skill levels the

Self-Assessment: Focus on More than Basic Knowledge

We’re gearing up for teachers to complete their annual self-assessment of technology skills, but frankly, I don’t see much value in repeatedly asking them how well they can use software or hardware. How could we get more useful data?   Whether it’s staff or student use of technology,

Drugs and the Body

Lots of news and information on drug abuse and what it can do to the human body.  You can click on each individual drug to find out more about it, read questions and answers, test your knowledge, and finally find

Just for Kids - Soil

 Summertime's a great time for kids to play in the dirt. Now that playtime can be a learning time, too, as kids find out just what's so special about that dirt they're covered with. Younger students will find this engaging