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Shift Science Curriculum Towards Inquiry-Based With Free Smithsonian Resource

The Smithsonian's Science Education Center (SSEC) site is a teacher-facing resource that features the SSEC's vision for schools or districts wishing to change current science practices to inquiry-based instruction.
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Smithsonian Science Education Center has been named a Best Professional Development Website by Common Sense Education


Smithsonian Science Education Center

Teacher-geared site outlines steps for innovative science instruction

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Pros: "Good Thinking" videos addressing student misconceptions and education best practices are absolute gems; watch and learn.

Cons: Educators with whom the site's vision resonates will still need to do a lot of legwork; concrete details such as samples or time lines are notably missing.

Bottom Line: Use the SSEC's site as a stop on your changing-science-instruction path; just be prepared to reach out to them for constructive details.

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