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Smithsonian Institute: Zoo Labs

Taking a trip to the zoo this summer?
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Taking a trip to the zoo this summer? Take your trip to the next level and become a scientist! Using these inquiry-based experiments, students can observe primates. There are five labs that explore primates’ locomotion, communication, mother-infant interaction, general behavior, and dominance and submissive behavior. By following the step-by-step procedure in the lab, students can make conclusions about how the primate moves, communicates, and interact with other members.

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Smithsonian: Engineering the Wright Way

This interactive provides students with an opportunity to become an aeronautical engineer by using their engineering skills or developing new ones to design and test airplane wings based on the methods of the Wright Brothers.

Franklin's Lab

Name: Franklin's Lab Brief Description of the Site: Designed by a student of Interactive Media in England, this site is aimed at children in learning the basic principles of science. It provides tutorials, drills, and a test. The animated character of Benjamin Franklin brings it all together and hosts and

On-Line Writing Lab: Grammar

On-Line Writing Lab: Grammar The authors of this site take a traditional approach to the study of grammar, especially the eight parts of speech. They do caution that this approach is not the most effective and urge students to take an interactive writing course. However, their content is excellent for

Kyoto Costume Institute

Gallery of Western clothing, in timeline format, inspire us with the great novelty of human creation. Examples span 250 years of changing styles in fashion, with the earliest articles dating from the eighteenth century. Many of the styles might make

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: NestCams

As spring progresses, birds are returning to their summer habitats. Watch them as they build their nests and raise their young. Cameras mounted near nests capture images and live video of birds in their natural habitat. Current cams, as well