Stressed Out Over Studying? Relax

High-stakes testing plays a greater and greater role in education, from state-mandated achievement tests to AP exams. From an early age, teachers and parents encourage students to do their best, on tests and other school-related assessments. But we seldom couple that encouragement with advice on how to control the stress related to perceived pressure to do well. This site offers students an understanding of the stress they're feeling, how it has grown in their lives, and a number of concrete ways to diminish that stress, especially when they are facing high-stakes tests. Learning to "psych down" instead of "psyching up" for studying, tests, or performances can make a significant difference in a student's ability to succeed. And while the site specifically addresses students, teachers, who also live high-stress lives, of course, might find the same techniques helpful as well.

Courtesy of Knovation