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Taking One-to-One Computing to the Next Level

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One-to-one computing holds out the exciting promise of engaging students and empowering educators. Convertible notebook PCs, in particular, can be powerful tools to stimulate inspiration and interaction. This eBook contains suggestions on incorporating some of these new technologies into a 1:1 learning program. A true 1:1 computing solution is more than the computer, however; read this eBook for ideas on bolstering your program with industry expertise, effective software and responsive support.

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The Next Level

One of the best parts of this job is the regular opportunity to sit with some very smart and influential leaders in public education.

Better Bookmarking: Taking Bookmarks To the Next Level

Would you like an easy way to store Web addresses and share them with your students without having to print them on the board or post them to the school Web site? Do you have one list of bookmarks at school and another at home? Or maybe you have heard about social bookmarking and want to know what the buzz is all