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Tech Engineering: Engineering for the Three Little Pigs

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There’s nothing better than playing with sand in the classroom! Your students can be construction engineers experimenting with sand to see which combination of materials makes the strongest sand castle. Help them understand that different combinations of materials will affect the outcome of the building. This lesson includes objectives, a materials list, an introduction into the reason for the process, as well as several assessment suggestions. Practical applications of engineering problems are not often addressed in grades 3-5, but this lesson is aimed just at that age group and is a great way to interest your students in science and engineering.

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Three pounds, three parts

Follow this two part interactive tour of the brain. The first gives you brain basics the second shows how the brain is affected throughout the stages of Alzheimer's disease.courtesy of netTrekker 

Three little pigments

 This activity provides instructions for investigating how light and color interact by aligning three colored and one black overhead transparencies. Although white light contains a rainbow of colors, our eyes are only sensitive to red (R), green (G) and blue

TEOMA Search Engine

Name: TEOMA Search Engine Brief Description of the Site: This is a relatively new search engine recently acquired by Ask Jeeves. With search engines selling more and more of their real estate (the first few sites that come up as results of a search) one must always look to new sources for mining information on

Little Tor Elementary School

Name: Little Tor Elementary School Brief Description of the Site: Little Tor Elementary School serves grades K-5 in New City, NY. The school's Web site offers links to classroom pages, special programs information, school support services, and general information about procedures, calendars, lunch menus, and

The Little Red Hen Online

"The Little Red Hen" OnlineEnjoy this simple retelling of the classic story "The Little Red Hen" complete with many colorful illustrations. This is an excellent site for guided reading or independent reading practice for beginning readers. English language learners will also benefit from this colorful source.