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Health Issues for Teens

Health Issues for Teens LifeBytes is a colorful and attractive Website providing young people aged 11 - 14 facts about health in a fun and interesting way. Topics covered include "Alcohol," "Drugs," "Healthy Eating," "Emotional health and wellbeing," "Physical Activity," "Safety," "Sexual

National Institutes of Health: Health Information

National Institutes of Health: Health Information The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, through the National Institute of Health, provides a comprehensive resource on health issues. Browse hundreds of health topics using the alphabetical index or click into health news especially for men,

Kids Health

Kids Health An excellent and comprehensive site dealing with many aspects of health for kids, from physical health (what causes a stomach ache?) to emotional health (dealing with divorce). The explanations are detailed and do require good reading skills, but the site is a trove of reliable

Health A to Z

Health A to Z This A to Z site defines health concerns "from AIDS to Zoonosis." Click on a letter and get an alphabetical list of conditions, diseases, and other health-related topics starting with that letter. Articles contain detailed information including symptoms, risks, prognoses, and

About Kids Health

About Kids Health This "About" page for the huge KidsHealth site gives you a jumping off point and an overview of the site's content, purpose, and usage. With sections for parents, kids, and teens, KidsHealth has been online since 1995 and today is accessed 250,000 times on an average weekday. The

Medline Plus: Children's Health

Medline Plus: Children's Health Here are great resources on children's health. Choose from the latest news articles, treatments for common conditions, preventions for childhood diseases, alternative therapies, organizations, and statistics. Many articles are also available in Spanish. The site is

Health Information for the Whole Family

Health Information for the Whole Family The American Academy of Family Physicians provides this comprehensive health information site, with sections for men, women, parents, kids, and seniors. It explains many conditions, along with their symptoms, treatment, and prevention methods. The American

Glencoe Health and Fitness

Glencoe Health and Fitness A user must first select a state of residence and identify him/herself as "Teacher,' "Parent," or "Student". Doing so brings up a state-specific set of links to health-related information coordinated to Glencoe publications, The site provides valuable health-related