The Internet TESL Journal

Name:The Internet TESL Journal

Brief Description of the Site:
This helpful site for Teachers of English as a Second Language focuses on Teaching Techniques, Lessons, and even Research. The home page offers the past two months’ worth of content, but the rest is available in the archives, sorted by the three topics above and also by year, back to 1995. Under “Other Things on Our Website†you will find “Things you can use in your classroom: Conversation Questions, Free Online Textbooks, ...†and “Things your students can do online.†Prominent at the upper right of the home page is a set of hot links in two categories: “For Students†offers Activities for ESL Students, Grammar Quizzes, Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes and more while “For Teachers†offers Conversation Questions, Classroom Jokes, Classroom Games, and more. Directly beneath is a tool for searching the site by keyword.

How to use the site:
This is a goldmine for the TESL/TEFL teacher (and at the bottom of the homepage appears a guide to ALL those confusing acronyms, from EFL to ESOL to TOEIC) as it provides a tremendous set of activities, lesson plans, and relevant research in this topic, so important as more and more school districts absorb recently-arrived students for whom English is not the primary language. Even experienced teachers can benefit from the ideas and also the links, and for the beginning teacher this site could indeed be a life-saver.