The New Interactive Whiteboard: Using Apple TV in the Classroom

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Early adopters of Apple TV in the classroom believe that it is a cost-effective alternative to the interactive whiteboard; offering benefits that the whiteboard does not. Using Apple TV with any Apple device allows teachers the greatest flexibility with their instruction and management of the class. Teachers can move around the room working with individual students or small groups while keeping the entire class focused on the lesson.

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Ricoh Announces New Interactive Whiteboard promo image

Ricoh Announces New Interactive Whiteboard

Ricoh has announced a new collaboration solution, the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D8400, which can host up to 400 attendees via 20 connected IFPDs and 20 connected devices – including laptops, phones, tablets, and projectors.

Interactive Whiteboards for Interactive Teaching and Learning

Sidebar: ACTIVBoard Lessons Used in the Study In today’s society both children in educational settings and adults in workplaces are exposed to a wide assortment of information technology that allows learning and production of knowledge to take place in a variety of ways. Walter McKenzie, the Instructional