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Nikon: This Day

This visually rich record of the milestones in human history shows you one image of one significant event which happened on this day.

World War II: Voices of Dunkirk

Listen to the stories of eight eye witnesses present at the evacuation from Dunkirk. Transcripts of the recordings and useful introductions to each account included. From the BBC. courtesy of netTrekker

BEESWAX: Picture and News from Around the World

 BEESWAX is a photographic news reporting service that uses briefly captioned photographs to inform young learners about recent newsworthy events from every corner of the globe. Updated twice weekly. courtesy of netTrekker

Today in History: Veterans Day

 This "Today in History" page leads with information on Veterans Day and on World War I, and links you to original documents   photos, interviews, letters and music from the period. courtesy of netTrekker

World of Volcanoes

An educational portal that consolidates all kinds of useful information about volcanoes. Choose from a menu of topic options and start exploring or use the site's search tool to find just what you're looking for.  courtesy of netTrekker

Every Day, Art

 The richly illustrated ArtDaily publishes art world news, with special emphasis on what is going on at leading art museums, galleries, and auction houses.Fun features include an art related Word Search and downloadable puzzles. Visually impressive. courtesy of netTrekker

Christmas Cultures Around the World

A look at the different traditions and ways Christmas is celebrated around the world. Experience Christmas from Australia to Zambia, Italy to China, and many more countries. courtesy of netTrekker

Connect the World

Play "Connect the World," a card matching game, with Buster Baxter to learn about different countries and cultures. Learn to recognize the flags, foods, favorite sports, and arts of places around the world. courtesy of netTrekker