Tips For Using Pinterest In The Classroom

Tips For Using Pinterest In The Classroom

Silvia Tolisano recently shared the following tips for using Pinterest in the classroom in a Webinar with a group of teachers in Argentina:

* Take advantage of a bookmarklet by installing a button in your browser (desktop or mobile device) to make pinning easier.

* You can pin images (connected to links/URLs on the Web).

* You can also upload images directly from the computer (without a connection to a Web address).

* The organization and curation on Pinterest is achieved via boards you create with a theme, topic, subject, or other strategic connection between the images.

* You can find new images on the Web to add to your boards or re-pin images from within the platform and reorganize them on your own boards, connecting and presenting them according to your own system of curation.

* Add value to pins by including a brief description of the image or the link. This description could be a summary, a perspective, a point of view, etc.

* It’s possible to create boards that are private (only you and chosen members can see and contribute), open ( for everyone to view and pin), or collaborative (invite other members to contribute to the same board).