T&L Live PD Library: Privacy, Security and Digital Citizenship

T&L Live PD Library: Privacy, Security and Digital Citizenship

New from Tech&Learning Live Chicago 2017!

Digital Citizenship Presenter Cheryl Parmenter takes a student-centered approach to creating a digitally responsible school culture.

Digital Citizenship: Harnessing the Power of Social Media
This workshop focuses on how to create policies and procedures to educate school communities on their roles in the appropriate use of social media. Presentation by Paul Sanfrancesco and Owen J Roberts.

Student Data Privacy
This presentation by Steve Young and Sheryl Abshire explores the issues and law surrounding student data privacy and what steps your school and district can take to protect it.

Using Social Media to Encourage Responsible Digital Citizenship
Jerry Crisci, Luz Minaya, Marie Vargas discuss how they use social media for teaching and learning with students, parents and colleagues.

Defining Digital Citizenship: One Topic, Many Perspectives
This workshop dissects specific scenarios, from appropriate use of social media to cyberbullying to plagiarism, and offers takeaways you can bring back to your district and put into action.

  • Video with Themy Sparangis, Ray Chavez, Joe Oliver, and Ashly McNamara
  • Ashley McNamara’s slides

Student Data Privacy and Security
Notes from a roundtable discussion led by Tony Inglese and Craig Williams.

The Path to Digital Citizenship
A look at issues related to student privacy, incorporating social media into acceptable use policies, and ways to reach out to the parent community in order to educate the whole family about digital citizenship issues.

Understanding Digital Citizenship and Identity
Video featuring Alec Couros.

Digital Citizenship and CIPA
Resources from Dana Greenspan (CTAP specialist, Ventura County Office of Education)

Creating a Positive Digital Footprint
Slides from Lisa Nielsen, Jackie Patanio, Darlynn Alfalla, Timothy Comer, and Paul Sanfrancesco

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