T&L Live PD Library: Student Engagement, Empowerment and Leadership

T&L Live PD Library: Student Engagement, Empowerment and Leadership

New from Tech&Learning Live Chicago and Boston 2017!

Play to Learn: A Look at Gamification in the Classroom

Panelists Michael Biondo, Vita Carnduff and Carrie Baughcum share their tips for gamifying a classroom and demonstrate how teachers can create their own gamified curriculums.

HyperDocs Workshop Rayna Freedman offers insights into the hyperdocs revolution and how teachers can use it to transform learning in the classroom.

Breakout EDU Workshop Chrystal Hoe discusses the power of Breakout EDU as a learning tool.

Beware the Transformation Trap
Jennie Magiera’s keynote on making meaningful change.Video

Student Agency: Beyond Genius HourVideo Handout Kim Carter, Jennie Magiera, Ayla Gavins, and two MC2 students, look at ways for supporting and assessing the learning that takes when students guide their own learning.

Programs that Encourage Student Leaders
Meet student leaders from a variety of districts who are providing tech support, developing entrepreneurial programs, creating new technologies, and more.

Cultivating Curiosity in the 21st CenturyVideo In Ramsey Musallam’s keynote he explores curiosity as a cognitive construct, pedagogical tool, and perhaps the most essential, one of the most transcendent and dissonant emotions a student will experience.

Beyond Engagement: Making Learning Irresistible

Slides from Jim Klein’s presentation on this topic.

Finding the Passion
Slides from Clare Taylor’s presentation on promoting passion in learning.

Student Collaboration
Notes from a roundtable discussion on this topic.

Nurturing Passion, Wonder and Voice

Examples of meaningful, engaging student projects and learning experiences that nurture wonder and passion and give students the opportunity to find their own voices.

Young Learners and Technology
Great examples of primary grade students taking control of their own learning with help from technology.

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