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Today in History: November 4

This site talks about some of the famous presidential elections that fell on November 4.
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Election day is the first Tuesday of November, so, of course, the date is variable. This site talks about some of the famous presidential elections that fell on November 4. One particularly contentious election was in 1884 with Grover Cleveland defeating James G. Blaine in the popular vote in New York by just a hair. That gave Cleveland the electoral votes from New York and victory in the electoral college. An election held on November 4 that was not close at all was the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower for his first term of office. It might surprise you to find out that until 1848 presidential elections were held on many different days across the states, and it wasn’t until the election of 1914 that senators and representatives were all elected on the same day.

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Today in History: Veterans Day

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