Top 10 Ways to Deliver The Worst PD Ever

Top 10 Ways to Deliver The Worst PD Ever

Have you ever endured death by PowerPoint? Patricia Brown shares her Top 10 ways to deliver the worst PD ever:

10.Ask a non-educator to tell teachers what they should and should not do.

9.Read every line of a 175-slide presentation and include irrelevant images and dizzying animations.

8. Don’t allow participants to play with new tools or explore.

7.Ask a speaker who doesn’t know the audience to lecture. Make sure there’s no time for discussion.

6.Get teachers excited about a tool that’s not in the budget and that they’ll never get to use.

5.Use outdated presentation technology or present on an obsolete topic.

4.Do not have prizes or incentives for teachers.

3.Mandate that teachers attend a specific training and never survey them to ask what they need or would like to learn.

2.Talk about a topic has no relevance to teachers.

1.Use one-size-fits-all PD that’s not differentiated by content, expertise, grade level, or delivery.