Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 Free Design Software from Autodesk

Autodesk, Inc. has made its design, engineering, and entertainment software free to students and educators.

2 HOTS for Teachers: 25 Top Resources for Higher Order Thinking Skills (opens in new tab)

Guest blogger Laura Turner shares articles and sites designed to help teachers integrate Higher Order Thinking Skills into their classroom curricula.

3 Free Digital Formative Assessment Tools (opens in new tab)

Michael Gorman offers insight on tools that help gauge student learning.

4 Eleven iPad Literacy Apps for Stations (opens in new tab)

Monica Burns shares her favorite apps for creating iPad stations in the classroom.

5 Engage Any Audience with Google Voice Texting (opens in new tab)

Lisa Nielsen recommends using Google Voice Texting to reach a wider audience.

6 Rethinking Technology: Ten Years Later (opens in new tab)

Guest blogger Poyan Lotfi reflects on his views on technology in classrooms.

7 Explore Fifty Game-Based French Lessons (opens in new tab)

Motivate students with fun games and progress tracking.

8 Email Safety Game for Kids (opens in new tab)

Özge Karaoglu reviews Safety Land, an online game that teaches young students how to be safe when it comes to emails.

9 The Things I Did That Stopped a Love of Reading (opens in new tab)

Pernille Ripp shares lessons learned in fostering student engagement with reading.

10 Why Robotics Promotes a Culture of Creativity in the Classroom (opens in new tab)

Lynne Boucher offers three reasons robotics boost creativity in schools.