Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 7 Ways Social Media Has a Role in Education
Make sure your students are well-Googled and building their credentials and networks now.

2 Teacher Zen with Google: 50+ Tips, Tools, & Apps
Do more in less time by maximizing your use of Google apps, tools, and add-ons.

3 What About the “P” In BYOD?
Devices without purpose are distracting. Brainstorm with Pernille Ripp about ideas for being device-purposeful, using them to create platforms to explore, focus, and share.

4 Education Grant Deadlines
Here’s a one-stop shop for links to available grants and deadlines as well as expert advice on writing, editing, and budgeting as you prepare to submit your successful grant proposal.

5 25+ iPad Apps for Integrating Tech into the Writing Process
Here are oodles of apps that will inspire students to plan, write, and publish engaging stories.

6 Digital Activities & Icebreakers for Gen Y
Creative classroom use of hashtags, drawing apps, badges, Vine, Instagram, and even selfies can all help your Gen Y students engage, reflect, and collaborate.

7 After the Cell Phone Ban—NYC Schools Launch #BYOD
Learn how teachers in one NYC classroom empowered students to harness the power of student devices for learning.

8 Let’s Present! 21+ Digital Poster Tools & Tips
Transform the traditional poster project into an interactive multimedia digital research project.

9 What’s New: New Tools for Schools
Get up to date on a whole host of new software, hardware, apps, updates, and online tools for students, teachers, and administrators.

10 HOTS for Teachers
Students need to learn HOTS—and teachers need to incorporate them into the curriculum.