Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 Future Ready Schools
Get up to speed on this important new effort with a comprehensive summary, including helpful links.

2 Top 10 Ways to Deliver the Worst PD Ever
Have you ever endured death by PowerPoint? You’ll love these innovative, engaging PD ideas.

3 T&L Live PD Library Table of Contents
Link to resources on cool tools, coding, cranial stimulation, Common Core, and much more.

4 When Tech Teaches, What Do Teachers Do?
Explore the role-shifting opportunities for teachers in today’s technology-rich classrooms.

5 STEAM It Up with the 8 C’s! 50+ Ideas and Resources
Engage digital learners in your classroom using emojis, comics, QR codes, zombies, cooking, and more!

6 The Makerspace Is Doomed
Give your students no choice but to make—in your student-centered classroom.

7 Let’s Write! 20+ Ideas & Resources
Debunk the myths surrounding writing with digital tools and try these top tips to motivate your students.

8 10 Ideas to Consider Before Using an Internet Resource: The Web in the Classroom, Part 1
Learn how to prepare properly to ensure student privacy and safety when using Web tools.

9 3 Big Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid for Success at Your Next Event or Program
Use it, link it, be consistent—get with the 21st century and avoid #HashtagFail.

10 The Pros and Cons of Google Forms in the Classroom
The new integration is powerful, but it needs to work with how you view, organize, and share data.