Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 Future Ready Schools (opens in new tab)
Get up to speed on this important new effort with a comprehensive summary, including helpful links.

2 Top 10 Ways to Deliver the Worst PD Ever (opens in new tab)
Have you ever endured death by PowerPoint? You’ll love these innovative, engaging PD ideas.

3 T&L Live PD Library Table of Contents
Link to resources on cool tools, coding, cranial stimulation, Common Core, and much more.

4 When Tech Teaches, What Do Teachers Do? (opens in new tab)
Explore the role-shifting opportunities for teachers in today’s technology-rich classrooms.

5 STEAM It Up with the 8 C’s! 50+ Ideas and Resources (opens in new tab)
Engage digital learners in your classroom using emojis, comics, QR codes, zombies, cooking, and more!

6 The Makerspace Is Doomed (opens in new tab)
Give your students no choice but to make—in your student-centered classroom.

7 Let’s Write! 20+ Ideas & Resources (opens in new tab)
Debunk the myths surrounding writing with digital tools and try these top tips to motivate your students.

8 10 Ideas to Consider Before Using an Internet Resource: The Web in the Classroom, Part 1 (opens in new tab)
Learn how to prepare properly to ensure student privacy and safety when using Web tools.

9 3 Big Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid for Success at Your Next Event or Program (opens in new tab)
Use it, link it, be consistent—get with the 21st century and avoid #HashtagFail.

10 The Pros and Cons of Google Forms in the Classroom (opens in new tab)
The new integration is powerful, but it needs to work with how you view, organize, and share data.