STEAM It Up with the 8 C’s! 50+ Ideas & Resources

STEAM It Up with the 8 C’s! 50+ Ideas & Resources

“The reason why young people are getting into things isn’t because they want to make a lot of money, but because they want to solve really big problems.”- Noor Siddiqui, female CEO of Remedy

Recently, I was in Indiana presenting about teaching Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM/STEM) in ways that engage digital learners. General Electric is setting the example by engaging learners with science through Vine, Snapchat, and Tumblr. They have created 2 hashtag movements to help millions become inspired by science and conduct their own science experiments and share them. The first movement encourages people to record a six second Vine video of a science experiment or phenomena then post on Tumblr, Twitter, Vine with the #6SecondScience hashtag. For the most recent movement, GE teamed up with Bill Nye to create the Period Table of Emoji Science Videos. When an emoji is snapped to Bill Nye he shares a short science video explaining a science theory with emoji. I’ve shared my favorite one on superhero powers below. Others are encouraged to create their own #EmojiScience videos and share them on social media with the hashtag #EmojiScience. I share some of my ideas and resources for engaging learners in digital ways in the slideshow (free to download) and bookmarks below. Don’t forget to check out my recent post about my keynote at ICEIndiana, Byte-sized Potential and Learning with the 8 C’s.

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STEAM IT Up with the 8Cs from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

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