Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 14 Steps to Making a Successful Edtech Purchase (opens in new tab)
Simplify the process of selecting new products and avoid common pitfalls with this free white paper from i-Ready.

2 Follett Launches New Makerspace Bundles (opens in new tab)
Take the guesswork out of starting a makerspace, with bundles that include books, building supplies, robotic kits, and more.

3 Over Half of Students Unable to Read Content on 70-inch Flat Panel (opens in new tab)
Consider the results of this new study before making your next purchase.

4 Creating Video Arguments (opens in new tab)
Help students develop critical skills and add some fun to the dreaded Argument Essay by focusing on debate and create.

5 Free Google Apps Training for All with Synergyse (opens in new tab)
Synergyse has joined Google, so their interactive in-app training is now available free to all Google users.

6 12 Project-Based Learning Ideas (opens in new tab)
Michael Gorman explores true PBL, in which the project uncovers and facilitates the learning of significant content.

7 9 Apps for the Low or No Internet Classroom (opens in new tab)
From offline reading to creating movies and 3D figures, here are top apps to download and keep up your sleeve for a “bad Internet day.”

8 A Push to Equip Every School with 3D Carvers (opens in new tab)
Find out how Inventables, a 3D carving company, is on a mission to put a 3D carver in every U.S. school by the end of the decade.

9 Teach with the Force (opens in new tab)
Engage your students by managing your classroom like a Jedi, collaborating like Yoda, or teaching a lesson with a Star Wars theme.

10 Upgrade your KWL Chart to the 21st Century (opens in new tab)
Find out how you can embed 21st-century skills and literacies in the traditional KWL (Know-Want to know-Learned) Chart.