Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 14 Steps to Making a Successful Edtech Purchase
Simplify the process of selecting new products and avoid common pitfalls with this free white paper from i-Ready.

2 Follett Launches New Makerspace Bundles
Take the guesswork out of starting a makerspace, with bundles that include books, building supplies, robotic kits, and more.

3 Over Half of Students Unable to Read Content on 70-inch Flat Panel
Consider the results of this new study before making your next purchase.

4 Creating Video Arguments
Help students develop critical skills and add some fun to the dreaded Argument Essay by focusing on debate and create.

5 Free Google Apps Training for All with Synergyse
Synergyse has joined Google, so their interactive in-app training is now available free to all Google users.

6 12 Project-Based Learning Ideas
Michael Gorman explores true PBL, in which the project uncovers and facilitates the learning of significant content.

7 9 Apps for the Low or No Internet Classroom
From offline reading to creating movies and 3D figures, here are top apps to download and keep up your sleeve for a “bad Internet day.”

8 A Push to Equip Every School with 3D Carvers
Find out how Inventables, a 3D carving company, is on a mission to put a 3D carver in every U.S. school by the end of the decade.

9 Teach with the Force
Engage your students by managing your classroom like a Jedi, collaborating like Yoda, or teaching a lesson with a Star Wars theme.

10 Upgrade your KWL Chart to the 21st Century
Find out how you can embed 21st-century skills and literacies in the traditional KWL (Know-Want to know-Learned) Chart.