1 T&L’s Leader of the Year Contest
Tech & Learning is once again honoring K-12 administrators, technology coordinators, and teachers who use technology in innovative ways to help teachers teach and help students learn.

2 Three Great Ways to Get Students Coding
Get practical tips for setting up learn-to-code lessons so students can produce, and not just consume, digital media.

3 Celebrating Digital ELA Curriculum Success
Find out how using digital ELA curricula can improve skills, test scores, engagement, and critical thinking.

4 15 Ideas to Go Beyond Makerspace
Think about going beyond space—embracing a Maker Culture can make curriculum standards come alive.

5 Tool Lets Teens Produce Longer Video
MixBit is an easy-to-use video-sharing tool with collaboration features that enhance creativity.

6 When Your Country’s Leader Is a Tweeter
Twitter, Facebook, and live-streaming can all help educators be the “storytellers-in-chief” in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

7 The Two Biggest Barriers to Learning in Modern Schools
Students may have devices, but when there’s too little Internet access and too much filtering they aren’t being prepared for success.

8 Eight Must-Have Websites and Apps for Science
Search these resources by topic and reading level to find high-interest digital reading materials for science students.

9 Tell-a-Story StoryBuilder
Students learn about the parts of a story as they build one, adding setting, characters, conflict, and dialogue.

10 10 Sites for Teachers
From emaze to Kaizena, Canva, and more, explore some of the most talked-about edtech websites and apps.