1 T&L’s Leader of the Year Contest (opens in new tab)
Tech & Learning is once again honoring K-12 administrators, technology coordinators, and teachers who use technology in innovative ways to help teachers teach and help students learn.

2 Three Great Ways to Get Students Coding (opens in new tab)
Get practical tips for setting up learn-to-code lessons so students can produce, and not just consume, digital media.

3 Celebrating Digital ELA Curriculum Success (opens in new tab)
Find out how using digital ELA curricula can improve skills, test scores, engagement, and critical thinking.

4 15 Ideas to Go Beyond Makerspace (opens in new tab)
Think about going beyond space—embracing a Maker Culture can make curriculum standards come alive.

5 Tool Lets Teens Produce Longer Video (opens in new tab)
MixBit is an easy-to-use video-sharing tool with collaboration features that enhance creativity.

6 When Your Country’s Leader Is a Tweeter (opens in new tab)
Twitter, Facebook, and live-streaming can all help educators be the “storytellers-in-chief” in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

7 The Two Biggest Barriers to Learning in Modern Schools
Students may have devices, but when there’s too little Internet access and too much filtering they aren’t being prepared for success.

8 Eight Must-Have Websites and Apps for Science (opens in new tab)
Search these resources by topic and reading level to find high-interest digital reading materials for science students.

9 Tell-a-Story StoryBuilder (opens in new tab)
Students learn about the parts of a story as they build one, adding setting, characters, conflict, and dialogue.

10 10 Sites for Teachers (opens in new tab)
From emaze to Kaizena, Canva, and more, explore some of the most talked-about edtech websites and apps.