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May can be a month of extremes in weather and the formation of tornadoes is one example of those extremes.
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May can be a month of extremes in weather and the formation of tornadoes is one example of those extremes. Watch and listen to the Professor, self-proclaimed expert in extreme weather, as he explains each step of how a tornado is created. As you watch each diagram, the Professor tells about the meteorological conditions that occur in each step along the way that may result in a tornado. You can hear the thunder and increasing winds as the tornado gains its structure. The force of a tornado is based on the Fujita scale, and you can see the effect of each increase up the scale as the tornado rips through town.

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Storm-chasing scientists take equipment such as Doppler radar out into tornado-prone areas, hoping that their analysis of weather conditions is accurate and that they will be able to track a tornado as it develops.

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