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Track Your Spending: Track-o-matic

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The Investor Education Fund produced this short video that tracks how much money we might spend on ATM fees, coffee, and take-out food. This is a video not only for teenagers to help them think about their purchases, but for us all. Do we really want to spend $3000 a year on coffee? There are links to ways to create a balanced budget and a video on how to save money, which is a great adjunct to tracking your spending.

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Tracking the Earth's orbit

 Today is the first day of winter. By following the activities in this site, students can  understand how the Earth's motion affects the changes in seasons. Included are recording daily temperatures, observing the sun's path over several weeks, tracking sunrise

FlyteComm - Real Time Flight Tracking

Name: FlyteComm - Real Time Flight Tracking Brief Description of the Site: Meeting someone at the airport, or planning to take a flight out for the holidays? Calls to the airline (usually recorded) state that the flight is on time, but it is? Waiting for Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary to arrive and need to allow

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Keeping Track

From knowing where every piece of equipment is located to the moment a software license expires, the benefits of asset management software are seemingly endless.