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Understanding Science: How Science Really Works

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Developed by the University of California Museum of Paleontology, Understanding Science 101 includes a section that discusses why science matters and another that addresses science and society. The Resource Library offers teaching resources, case studies, FAQs, and corrections of common misconceptions. There are lesson plans for students from kindergarten to post-high school. The basic flowchart, which is fundamental for all the lessons, represents the process of scientific inquiry.

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How Glaciers Work

How Glaciers Work This easy-to-understand site, with cartoon-like animation and large text, explains why glaciers move and allows users to navigate a glacier with the mouse to see different glacial features. Since scientists tell us that global warming is having a terrible impact on glaciers, this

How MapQuest Works

How MapQuest Works How do they do that? How does MapQuest.com present a map and offer driving directions? From the How Stuff Works site comes this very thorough look at MapQuest, including information on Geocoding and Other MapQuest Applications. Teachers please note: the site offers many

How Satellite Radio Works

How Satellite Radio Works HowStuffWorks offers a comprehensive overview of satellite radio, exploring how it works as well as providing a look at the three main satellite radio broadcasters. HowStuffWorks, Inc. • Pictures and/or Illustrations • High School Middle School

How the Body Works, Movies and Activities

How the Body Works, Movies and Activities Short, colorful cartoons explain each of the body's systems: skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, respiratory, endocrine, skin, immune, muscular, and nervous. Once you've seen the movie, click on the Activity Page link for additional games and

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Understanding Genetics

Learn.Genetics is a comprehensive site that explores the basics of genetics, characteristics of inheritance, stem cells, chromosomes, genetic variation, epigenetics, genetic science, cloning, genetic disorders, and much more.

Understanding Genetics

The University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center provides information about how to extract DNA from anything living, our chromosomes, current events in genetics, and many other topics.  Be sure to check out the Mice Party to discover the effects