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United Nations Cyberschoolbus: Global Teaching and Learning Project

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Commemorate October 24, 1945, the anniversary of the official first day for the United Nations. Jump on the cyberschoolbus to discover global resources such as an introduction to the UN, Country at a Glance where users can view statistics about all UN members, and InfoNation where users can compare country data. Many other features like videoconferences, quizzes and games, globalization projects, and curriculum on world topics are designed to increase students' awareness of the global condition.

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United Nations Population Fund

United Nations Population Fund The United Nations provides a world of knowledge on the issue of population. There are actual examples of issues noted in various state standards, such as human-rights, sustainable development, and the impact of people on the environment. Students can also analyze current

United States Global Change Research Program

This government program has a mandate to support research efforts, gather findings on climate change, and communicate those findings to governmental agencies and the public. The agency offers many resources regarding global as well as American climate change. By clicking

Gigglepotz, Teaching and Learning for Life

Name: Gigglepotz, Teaching and Learning for Life Brief Description of the Site: Gigglepotz brings free resources and materials to teachers across the world. The site includes many online projects and web building competitions for teachers and students. The vision is to connect teachers from all countries in a

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Global Warming

Global Warming The National Wildlife Federation believes "Global warming is the single biggest threat to wildlife today." With that as a given, this site features a collection of resources on how to fight global warming on a personal level and as an activist. There are also resource documents, information on U.S.

Global profiles

 A catalogue of the migration experience that looks at the diverse flows of immigrants around the world. Visitors can click on the profiles of individual countries to access brief summaries of vital data, immigration policies, history, and political concerns. courtesy