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Be sure your virtual immunizations are up to date and your passport is current before you set off on your whirlwind tour of some interesting countries in Asia. In each country you will be met by a guide who will show you some of the most interesting things about his or her country. You’ll learn about different aspects of the culture of each country, such as the importance of ancestors in Japan and respectful body language in Vietnam. Find out about special foods, the sports played in each country, and watch short videos of many events. There are several activities to try, and for teachers, a guide that has the learning goals for late elementary school students that are covered on this journey.

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Your students will enjoy, perhaps too much, these animated videos that review the key articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The beat of the "cool' soundtrack could be a problem for the more-easily-distracted student. Also it would have

Interactive Universe

A virtual journey through space offers photos and facts about Earth and its neighboring planets, comets, other celestial bodies of our solar system, and the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. Also available on the page is a "Facts About the

First Grade Friends

Name: First Grade Friends Brief Description of the Site: Although she retired from Edwardsburg, Michigan at the end of this last school year, Jill Perkins’ will update her Web site for first-grade students through the 2004-05 school year. The site is a great example of how teachers can use the Internet to

What Extension?

Tip: Have you ever wondered what all the different file extensions mean? How about trying to figure out what extension to use? You may not even know that you are using one type that will work with one program but not another. File extensions are the three letters that come after the dot in a file name.

A Virtual Journey into the Universe

A Virtual Journey into the Universe You'll think you're really in the cockpit of a space ship as you explore space in this awesome site from the Thinkquest library. You can explore each planet, find out about its surface or interior, discover information about its satellites, or perform some interactive

Matteson, Illinois Elementary School District 159

Name: Matteson, Illinois Elementary School District 159 Brief Description of the Site: Elementary School District 159, located in Matteson, IL consists of four schools. The Web site design is simple, making it easy for visitors to find information about district programs, schedules, and events. Links to each

World's Most Extensive Mathematics Resource

World's Most Extensive Mathematics Resource MathWorld provides a huge mathematics encyclopedia detailing the concepts of Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Discrete Math, Number Theory, and other math topics--complete with formulas, diagrams, examples, and references for thorough understanding. Of special