Web Weather for Kids

Name:Web Weather for Kids

Brief Description of the Site:
Web Weather for Kids is a site that helps young students understand all aspects of weather. Students can access information about thunderstorms and tornadoes, cloud formation, hurricanes and various winter storms. Each weather component is supported by information about impacts to human life and how the particular type of weather forms. The site contains an activities section that helps students understand various aspects of weather through hands-on activities. A "Teachers Tips" section, a glossary, a story sections and a games section complete the site.

How to use the site:
With the recent catastrophic weather events that have occurred this spring in the United States, it is important that students have a clear understanding of weather. Begin by having students explore "Weather Ingredients" to understand the conditions that influence the development of different weather types. Follow with one of the nicely designed activities to provide a lab experience for students. Information at the site can be used as a starting point for student research and presentations.

Submitted by:
David Jakes