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Webrangers Activity: Who Are We?

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This great site from the National Park Service is directed to students in elementary and middle schools. The explanation of why the United States is considered a melting pot is followed by some games, one of which helps define who users are in terms of things they like. Students can then compare themselves with others in the United States who have interests in common. After a little explanation of stereotypes and diversity, a game asks students to pop stereotype balloons.

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We Are the Scrub Club

We Are the Scrub Club Show students how to kill disease-causing organisms and thus stay healthy all year long by washing their hands (including under their fingernails) with warm soapy water. They can play the "6 Steps Game" to learn how to properly clean their hands, meet the "villains" that cause

We Are the Freedom Riders

Here’s a great opportunity for music teachers and Social Studies teachers to collaborate in presenting this powerful lesson on the freedom riders of the Civil Rights era.

Women Who Changed History

Women Who Changed History There are wonderful stories to explore about amazing women who changed the course of history, such as Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African-American female in space; Amelia Earhart, pioneering aviator; and Melba Pattillo, one of the nine students who volunteered to

Hinterland Who's Who, Wildlife in Canada

Hinterland Who's Who, Wildlife in Canada Useful for classes studying ecological and environmental issues, this site provides in-depth accounts of Canadian wildlife as well as dealing with preservation issues and environmental protection policies that can assist wildlife. Rich with images and

Who's Who in Shakespeare's History Plays

Here is a color coded family tree to help you understand how the historical characters in Shakespeare's series of history plays are connected. As a bonus, you also get a brief synopsis of each of the plays.  courtesy of netTrekker

Learning Activities

Learning Activities From Canada comes a fascinating site that both teaches and intrigues. Does da Vinci's "Vitruvian Theory" (armspan = body height) apply to your students? Do math-lovers excel at game-playing? How do students manage to fritter away their day? The site will show students how to

McGruff Activities

McGruff Activities McGruff the Crime Dog and mascot of the Natinal Crime Prevention Council is interested in helping you "take a bite out of crime." Students can color, read comic strips, play lots of terrific games, and get great safety tips from McGruff! There is also a special section for