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What Teachers Say They Need to Use Technology Effectively

What Teachers Say They Need to Use Technology Effectively

A new report from Blackboard and Project Tomorrow, Trends in Digital Learning: Building Teachers’ Capacity and Competency to Create New Learning Experiences for Students, surveyed more than 38,000 teachers, 29,000 parents, and 4,500 administrators. Key findings from this year’s report include:

● Two-thirds of parents say the effective use of technology in the classroom provides a significant way for their child to develop skills for college and career.
● 67 percent of technology leaders say that motivating teachers to change their traditional instructional practices remains the top challenge to implementing digital learning.
● 68 percent of teachers in blended learning classrooms report that with the use of technology they’re better able to differentiate instruction for their students.
● Teachers who have experienced online and blended classes for their own professional learning use advanced technology with their students, value the role of technology in learning more highly, and have higher aspirations for leveraging technology to transform learning environments.

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