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What’s for Dinner

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Is there anything better than having a teen-ager be responsible for making dinner? How about having that teen-ager learn about math in the process? This lesson plan is a unit which teaches how to use math skills involved with shopping, following a recipe, and cooking a meal. Students select recipes, plan the menu and shop for the meal, and create a cookbook on the Web. In addition, the lesson is linked to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards.

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The iPad storytelling app, Adobe Slate, is now available in a Web-based version, enabling users to create professional-quality content with text and photos on the desktop.

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Adobe has unveiled their newest cloud offering, Adobe Document Cloud, offering a new way to manage critical documents for educational institutions across devices.

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Elitescreens (www.elitescreens.com) announced that new business training and classroom formats of whiteboard projection screens are now available in a 5’ x 10’ and a 5’ x 8’ version with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

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