Win Math • Retail Price: Prices begin at $40 per student per year for less than 70 students; volume pricing is available for up to 2,000 students; $25 dollars per student for access to full curriculum. Teachers have access for classroom use.

With the WIN Math digital teaching and learning platform, teachers facilitate instruction through a blended learning model, introducing the objective, career context, warm-up, and engagement activities.

Quality and Effectiveness: WIN Math employs an engaging, unique approach to help students, from 5th grade to college, build and improve their mathematics skills. Lessons are based on real-life scenarios and include practical problems with career-related relevance. Students are introduced to a wide variety of positions, ranging from health science professionals to natural sciences managers, urban planners, and environmental engineers. Diverse individuals share their career paths and experiences via concise and compelling videos in each lesson. Exposing students to current and future career paths powerfully connects math to their everyday lives.

Ease of Use: WIN Math is an online program with built-in instructions. Students have a cleanly designed dashboard that is easy to navigate. One box lists lessons that are individually marked with a large green checkmark when completed. Easy-to-follow icons and tabs allow students to quickly understand the process and take next steps, such as Close and Submit. Students may jump between lessons and answers are always saved. Another box on the dashboard, My Messages, offers an easy way to communicate with the teacher and displays previous correspondence.

Creative Use of Technology: WIN Math creatively and consistently employs graphics, video interviews with closed captions, forms, and text to make each lesson visually pleasing and easy to comprehend. Each lesson includes 1) an Introduction by someone working in a specific career, 2) Your Mission, which details the problem and possible solution paths, 3) tools to use, such as a Map and Formulas in the Park Planning lesson, and 4) the Final Project where a clear rubric is used to assess the lesson.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: WIN Math can be integrated into existing curriculum. These lessons would be invaluable as remediation for students entering college or struggling with certain aspects of math.


• WIN Math delivers a solid, unique connection between practical math problems and career paths.

• WIN Math lessons align to Common Core standards, including geometry, measurement and data, fractions, expressions and equations, statistics and probability, base ten, and the number system.

• WIN Math includes clear examples for students to imagine themselves in future careers, which encourages them to be persistent in problemsolving and to stay in school.

OVERALL RATING: WIN Learning’s big-picture philosophies shine in WIN Math, educating students to connect math skills with career possibilities. Descriptive language and detailed concepts are tied to actual situations, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving in each lesson.