Wireless Networking for 21st Century Schools: Guide to Wireless Broadband and Wireless Local Area Networking

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School districts are leveraging the power of the Web to make a difference in student learning, teacher professional development, administrator data management, parental information, and district security. The use of broadband technology and wireless communications are key factors in delivering these opportunities. This ebook provides information on effective and cost effective solutions to providing the high-speed wireless access and applications required to enable anywhere, anytime access to the latest tools to improve student learning, provide access to data, and ensure safety and security - today and well into the 21st century.

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Are schools realizing their 21st century visions? promo image

Are schools realizing their 21st century visions?

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) recently released the findings of an annual national education survey that measures U.S. educational institution’s progress toward meeting SIIA’s Vision for K 20. The survey was created to help teachers and administrators make

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Equipping the 21st Century Classroom

Although many of us dislike the term “21st century,”we can all agree that the notion behind it—the needto reform education to meet today’s and tomorrow’slearners—is still valid.