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Wonderville: Photosynthesis

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Here’s a great explanation of photosynthesis complete with interactivity to keep you students engaged. Watch short video showing what is necessary for photosynthesis to happen, and what products result from it, and then show what was learned by moving the components to the right place around the growing plant. Find out the photosynthesis equation, look at a leaf microscopically, label the parts of the leaf involved in photosynthesis, and finally, adjust what a plant needs to grow well, and help it bloom. This is a great review for grades 4-6.

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Name: Plants-In-Motion Brief Description of the Site: Ask your students: “On a perfectly still day can a plant move?” Most will probably say “No!” Then show them any of this site’s time-lapse movies (in QuickTime format) demonstrating seeds germinating, plants responding to light, flowers opening,

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Name: M.I. Smart! Program Brief Description of the Site: This site emphasizes the importance of addressing multiple intelligences. The web site seeks to support learning by "nurturing talents and abilities of all children" recognizing multiple intelligences. What those intelligences are is clearly defined by