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World Literature Online(2)

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World Literature Online

Although designed to accompany "The Bedford Anthology of World Literature," there is so much useful and interesting background material in this site that it is useful for any literature study. Included are materials on "Culture and Context," an interactive map which directs the user to materials relevant to specific countries or areas, and timelines. One of the most interesting features is a section called "World Lit in the 21st Century," which makes connections between themes in specific pieces of world literature from across the ages, to events, people or ideas of our time. The set of LitLinks provides biographies of writers from around the world and across the ages.

Bedford/St. Martin's

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Literature and Life

Literature and Life PBS explores African-American literature, from slave narratives to the work of contemporary artists. This comprehensive site explores the authors, era, and impact of the literature. There are also audio clip readings and video clip interviews.

What the World Eats(2)

What the World Eats Photographs by Peter Menzel, from his book "Hungry Planet: What the World Eats," is a study of weekly food consumption from around the globe. Learn what families from Japan, Sicily, Chad, Kuwait, the United States, Mexico, Egypt, and many other countries spend on a week's worth

World War II Remembered(2)

World War II Remembered A unique way to study WWII is via the memories of those who witnessed at least parts of it. This site looks at wartime life here in the states, at the Nazi occupation of Europe (Anne Frank), at the attack on Pearl Harbor, and at the A-Bomb attack on Hiroshima. It also