WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary

Name:WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary

Brief Description of the Site:
What rhymes with ‘salsa’? Of course there’s “balsa,†but how about “mensa,†“tuna,†and approximately 250 more, and that’s just considering “end-rhyme†one of the six types of rhyme, ranging from the simple (blue/shoe) to the complex (frightening/brightening) covered by this quirky but fun site based on the songwriter’s ‘bible,’ a rhyming dictionary. Since this is the Web finding useable rhymes is as simple as typing a word into the search box. But because the goal of the site is to convince one to purchase the for-pay rhyming dictionary, results are limited to the simpler and less complex. Still, for most purposes that is sufficient, as the site can inspire the latent poet in anyone.

How to use the site:
Your class would be unusual if there were not at least one aspiring rapper sitting before you, so turn on those Eminem-wannabes to the beauty of words by letting them visit this site. Challenge them to create a rap by entering a word of your choosing and using as many of the results as possible in an original song. The class can then vote on whose rap was the best. Another possibility is to have ESL/EFL students enter a word and then attempt to learn/define/use as many of the results as possible, possibly creating PowerPoint presentations to teach others their new-found words. Teachers of English will appreciate this site when it comes time to introduce the poetry unit.